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The ACEN Exchange saves our members time, money and hassle. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ACEN Exchanges are an efficient trading forum for the Construction Industry

ACEN Fill Exchange Fill & Fill Sites
Find Fill, Dispose of Fill.
ACEN Employment Exchange Jobs & Resumes
Connects employers with workers.
ACEN Materials & Surplus Exchange Materials & Surplus
Trade excess material; Find bargains.
ACEN Tools & Equipment Exchange Tools & Equipment
Find bargains on tools and equipment both new & used.
ACEN Projects Exchange Projects & Bid History
Discover what's out for bid early.
ACEN Events Exchange Events & Schedules
Discover what's out for bid early.

Online Construction Resources at ACEN - a network of design, engineering, architectural, interior decorating, construction, supplier, contracting, developer, real estate and municipal construction experts. ACEN Exchanges are swap-sheets for fill and fill sites, jobs and resumes, materials and construction surplus, tools and equipment, construction projects and bidding information. The Locator is a Directory of Construction Experts, a resource for our Members. The Public uses the Locator to find Architects and Engineers, General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Equipment, Supplies, Municipalities and Government Agencies that use construction services, and professionals who support the building industry. ACEN website software empowers our members from the design, engineering, construction and construction supplies industry to manage the content of their websites and use the Internet profitably. We have written software to create construction supplies catalogs, to share blueprints and specifications online, to present photos and portfolios, to send formatted email to groups, to schedule events and perform project management online. Join ACEN if you are a member of the building industry and you wish to use the Internet Profitably.

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